Everex Infotech is an IT company providing a range of services from IT support, software development, recruitment etc. Everex Education (LLP) is a sister concern which is entirely focused on the education space and has been operating in the Corporate, Retail and University categories in India and overseas. We at Everex are committed to provide highest quality education and a fun-filled learning environment for students. We strongly believe any training , should be a complete amalgamation of Theory, Practicals and activities to ignite the imagination of the students.

The Everex Team consists of I.T. professionals having years of teaching experience at the corporate and institutional level. Everex Trainers are also consultants to various organizations, wherein they deploy and troubleshoot on various technologies like Windows Server, Exchange Server, Security , Networking, Hyper-V, VMware and others. Due to this they are very much comfortable discussing real-life scenarios and giving demonstrations on the same.

When you join Everex Education (LLP) you will get all round knowledge and become a better I.T. professional