Oracle Developer / DBA / Web Technologies

Course Descriptions

This Oracle training is designed to ensure that along with theory the course content is also illustrated in a practical way. Introductory training on PL/SQL database programming language covering syntax, structure and features of the language within the context of database applications and programming. Additional topics include taking advantage of advanced programming techniques such as cursor variables and cursor expressions. This Oracle course will prepare students not only for the Oracle certification exams (OCP)t also groom them in DBA.

We have aligned our modules to ensure that the syllabus matches with real world requirements for beginners to advanced levels

Training Highlights
  • Introduction to Oracle database
  • Learn about the core database concepts
  • Role of database administrator
  • Selecting the appropriate Database Tool
  • Understanding of SQL and PL/SQL, code, compiler, etc
  • SQL and PL/SQL data types, row types, literals, variables, tables, records, user defined types, etc
  • Physical and logical structure of database
  • Introduction to table space
  • Using SQLCODE and SQLERRM Objects
  • Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables, Schema objects and Data Dictionary views
  • Configuring and managing the Oracle Network
  • Database configuration, security and programming
  • Installation, harnessing cloud, storage management
  • Database best practices and scripts
Benefits of this Oracle training:
  • Get the most of hands-on training with more real-time approach.
  • Be adept at managing the huge volumes of data in large enterprises confidently
  • Database security and regulatory compliance knowledge is imparted to help secure the database and manage it well.
  • Course curriculum designed as per market relevance and faculties are best in class, so you get the advantage over other mediocre trainings
  • On successful completion, be the proud possessor of necessary skills to take up jobs as Database Administrators in top companies
  • Duration
    : week
  • Skill level
  • Max Students
  • Language
    : English
  • 24*7 online lab access
  • High-end Infrastructure with Xeon Servers
  • Expert Trainers
  • Guaranteed Placements
  • Official Curriculum Books